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Angelique Speight, Child Care Business Owner
Child Care Business Owner “Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy.” It’s a common refrain touted by politicians, news outlets and others. So why don’t I, the owner of a family child care business, feel a sense of pride and recognition when I hear it?
Cecelia Holmes, Mother & Community Advocate
I speak for many mothers in DC when I say that providing proper care for our children born with chronic illnesses requires more resources than we have access to. Whenever I stop to think about Dwayne and all of his needs, I’m faced with the shocking realization that if I weren’t able to coordinate his care, his life would be at risk.
Mariah Cowsert, Affordable Housing Advocate
The costs of child care in DC are the highest in the country yet educators who work with infants and toddlers are among the lowest-paid workers in the District. Investing time and money in our educators is an investment in the livelihood of our communities.
Travis Ballie, Community Organizer
I do not have kids and I have no plans to have kids but I am seeing my Ward 7 neighbors who do have families hurting and being pushed out of DC because they cannot choose between paying the rent and paying childcare. 
Jane Hayashi-Kim, Speech-Language Pathologist
When I started working with toddlers, I had three pairs of formal black pants. Then two of my pairs of pants became so worn at the knees that they split open during the workday, leaving my kneecaps exposed.
Lauren Robertson, Teacher
My students did not come to me from nowhere on that first day of school. I was not their first teacher. Families told me tales of a patchwork of child care and early childhood services, cobbled together for their child’s first three years.

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