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The Birth-to-Three for All DC law passed by the Council of the District of Columbia in 2018 calls for many changes to early childhood education. One major component calls for early childhood educators to receive compensation equivalent to public school teachers with similar education and experience. In 2021, the DC Council raised public funds to make it happen. This year, increased compensation begins. First, with pay supplements paid directly to educators. Then permanent compensation increases will be paid through employers.

DC's early childhood educators and directors fought hard for this pay equity win.

Under 3 DC Coalition members SPACES in Action spoke to DC early childhood educators about the benefits of the OSSE’s pay supplement.

Who is eligible for the 2022 Pay Supplement?

  • Teachers
  • Assistant Teachers
  • Associate Caregivers
  • Expanded Home Providers
  • Home Providers
  • Montessori Assistant Teachers
  • Montessori Teachers


Early childhood educators working at OSSE licensed child care facilities in the District of Columbia could be eligible to receive up to $14,000!

  • The application launches in August and closes in September
  • AidKit, the organization selected by OSSE to administer funds, will manage the application process. They are known for running large direct cash aid programs.

*Only applicants who were employed by May 16, 2022 and meet other eligibility criteria qualify.*


Update staff information in the OSSE database (DELLT) as soon as possible to include each educator’s staff type, email address, cell phone number and other required information so that your eligible staff can receive their pay supplement.

AidKit will contact eligible early childhood educators who have an email address and/or cell phone number on file directly when the application opens. Staff who do not receive a notification will still be able to access the application, but their information will need to be verified before payment can be disbursed.

Early Educators in the News

With the early learning system in a fragile state, this year’s bonus checks to D.C. providers will help launch a early learning community transformation that began before the pandemic.

Read about how DC early educators are feeling about the pay supplement and the move to pay early educators more on par with public school teachers.

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ECE Pay Equity One Pager

Read about how early childhood educators and directors fought hard for the pay equity.

Learn more about Early Childhood Education Pay Equity Fund and OSSE’s information sessions. 

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