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March 1, 2022

Jews United For Justice Working Group Hosts Crash Course: State of Child Care

By Hannah Garelick, DC Community Organizer

Jewish text teaches us that “Teachers of small children should be appointed in each and every land… the world exists only by virtue of the learning of young children.” We strive for a world where everyone, regardless of race, income, or zip code, has what they need to thrive. 

During the last week of February, the dedicated volunteer leaders of JUFJ’s Under 3 Working Group convened close to 40 volunteers, including parents, grandparents, and community advocates, for a Crash Course: State of Child Care. Jarred Bowman, DC Action’s Policy Analyst, presented a comprehensive overview of Birth-to-Three and the multiple components of the law. We also focused on where we are right now in our work towards fully funding and implementing the legislation so that all families have access to high-quality, affordable early child care and all early childhood educators make an equitable wage. 

We are in an exhilarating moment in the Under 3 DC Coalition. On the cusp of radically increasing early childhood educators’ compensation, it’s clear that educators need the full support of communities to access increased compensation and benefits like health insurance and retirement. Our JUFJ base of parents and those closely involved in the growth of young children are ready to be in conversation and community with the teachers who educate their children about this increased compensation and connect them to organizers and resources. 

Our Crash Course: State of Child Care not only brought our community together for learning but continues to build our base of engaged and motivated volunteers ready to take action and support the work of the Under 3 DC Coalition and our partners. Increasing compensation for early childhood educators is a pivotal step in creating a city where Birth-to-Three is fully funded, and all families have access to affordable and high-quality child care. 

Hannah Garelick

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